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Bronze 2022 Fine Art / Other

Less Is More

  • Photographer
    Anita Palcheska
  • Agency / Studio
  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art / Other

As in life, also in music and dance, less is more. Less noise, less movement, less words, provides more intensive experience and more joy. The photo is spotlight of tango dancers ready to fill an empty dance floor.

Seriously engaged in photography since 2001. Started as an official photographer of the sports events, then continued with more serious engagements in almost all fields of photography where I found challenge (fashion, food, technology macro, sports, landscapes, art, street art, tango and dance photography...) Took part and won many awards and acceptances in photo art contests (International and local FIAP/PSA contests). Member of Macedonian Photo Society and Macedonian Photo Union, and Candidate for Master of Photography. Published in many photo books and magazines.