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Bronze 2022 Fine Art / Portrait

A Tale of Two Masters

  • Photographer
    Marta Kolodziejczyk
  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art / Portrait

A tribute to my two masters and inspirations bound together. One of them was a genius of puzzles, the other is a titan of stories. The first used a brush and canvas, while the second uses a camera. Special thanks to Damian Drewniak, the second master from this tale, whom I had the honor to make this portrait.

Photographer looking for what is important and beautiful to her. In a constant pursuit of emotions, she passionately tries to find her place in the world of images. Addicted to melancholy and the past, she fights for her piece of the present. Graphic design student fascinated by visual communication, seeking to expand her knowledge in everything that concerns visual arts. Alternative photography lover, analog and darkroom user. Until now she tried her hand at forgotten processes such as cyanotype and vandyke bronze. She dreams of wet collodion and carbon transfer.