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Gold 2022 Fine Art / Special Effects

The Lord of The Rings - Steel Wool

  • Photographer
    Stefano Pellegrini
  • Prize
    Gold in Fine Art / Special Effects

I wanted to shoot in a strange place that recalled Mars, and to do something different, use the steel-wool fire to make the lightpainting. And the idea was to create compositions in "The Lord of the Rings" theme. SAURON: A small rocky arch that already looked like an eye but after the fire trick, the resemblance was absolutely mesmerizing. BARLOG: The stell wool recalls to me the Balrog wipes, and the rocky shape in the background, resembles a Balrog with open wings. SARUMAN: Saruman moving the star in the sky by turning his wizard staff and making a rain of magical sparks FRODO GOLLUM

I am a designer from Milan, so creativity is already part of my work. I like to travel and discover new places, but always with the aim of taking pictures. I dedicate great care to location-scouting with long mountain hikes in search of the perfect spot. I always shot the real night-sky of the subject, planning pictures where the milkyway is co-protagonist of the scene. My Mission is to translate what the eyes see and often the camera can't. Using stacking and combining different exposures, only to reproduce reality in all its art, without fictions and replacements.