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Bronze 2022 Fine Art / Landscape

Tuscany Hills

  • Photographer
    Alberto Fornasari
  • Agency / Studio
    Alberto Fornasari Fotografie
  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art / Landscape

I'm in Val d'Orcia,Tuscany, Italy, telling the story of this wonderful timeless landscape, Unesco World Heritage, built by man for man. The last lights of evening jump over the Tuscan hills, telling of the "most moving countryside in existence".

Alberto Fornasari, professional photographer, was born in Arezzo in 1973. It's really Tuscany with its traditions and its beautiful scenery to inspire and define more closely the poetry of his photographic journey. Since 1994 he has dedicated himself to telling the story of the Val d'Orcia and the Crete Senesi through images in all seasons of the year, taking advantage of the light of dawn. He made his first landscape photographic exhibition in 1997 and in 2000 received his first award in the competition Italian Institute of Landscape Photography.