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Bronze 2023 Nature / Pets

Horse Portraits

  • Photographer
    Teemu Paukamainen
  • Prize
    Bronze in Nature / Pets

Here's a series of horse portraits I created last year. All the photos were taken outside with a collapsible backdrop behind the horse (or pony) and no flashes, strobes or any other source of artificial light were used. All I needed was a little bit of sunshine and some dodging and burning (+ other Photoshop tricks) in the post-processing part and that's it.

I'm a freelance photographer based in Pirkanmaa, Finland. I photograph pretty much anything but I'm passionate about shooting pets and performing arts. I also enjoy diving into the fascinating world of insects and other tiny objects (ie. macro photography). I bought my first compact system camera in 2010 and haven't looked back ever since. Photographing is more than just a hobby to me - it's a way of life.