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Silver 2023 Events / Wedding


  • Photographer
    Rinat Shahmetov
  • Agency / Studio
    Rinat Shahmetov
  • Prize
    Silver in Events / Wedding

Love is unpredictable in the lives of two people. This feeling has no name or age. They live in the city and make plans for the future. Each of them lived separately from each other. But in one day the worlds of men and women collide into a new universe of relationships that may be like ours. Time flies forward. It cannot be turned back.

Rinat Shahmetov is currently in New York, US. He was born in october 6 1989 in Moscow, Russia (former USSR), into a family of Muslim religion and Tatar nationality. From 1995 to 2006 he studied and graduated from the Moscow Lyadov Music School No. 15, piano class. Musical literature at Rinatu's school was taught by Glier Yuri Leonidovich, the grandson of the composer Reingold Moritsevich Glier (1875—1956). From 2003 to 2015, he played tennis at the stadiums CSKA and October (picturesque street).