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Bronze 2023 Events / Sport


  • Photographer
    Giovanna Fleming
  • Agency / Studio
  • Prize
    Bronze in Events / Sport

The skier is captured mid-air, performing a dynamic jump in fresh snow. The skier is dressed in vibrant ski attire, contrasting vividly against the pristine white surroundings. The image focuses on the skier's form and technique, with their body suspended in mid-air, legs bent, and arms positioned for balance. The snow beneath them is undisturbed, indicating a recent snowfall, and there is a sense of motion and energy conveyed by the flying snowflakes surrounding the skier. The photo captures the excitement and skill of the skier, freezing a moment of pure athleticism and exhilaration

Born amidst breathtaking mountains in Italy, Gio Fleming captures the emotive essence of landscapes. She translates mood changes into captivating photos, inspiring preservation. The world’s wild places are under increasing pressure, both from climate change and the relentless intrusion of human activities. She conveys not only the inherent beauty but also the fragility of these environments, inspiring individuals to become advocates for their preservation. Her photography serves as a reminder to protect and conserve our planet's landscapes.