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Bronze 2023 Editorial / Personality

Crocodile Hunter George Craig

  • Photographer
    Emese Gyalog
  • Agency / Studio
    Emma G Photography
  • Prize
    Bronze in Editorial / Personality

Former hunter George Craig, who is the owner of the world's biggest pet crocodile, turning 93 this year. He hunted in the NT and Papua New Guinea for 20 years before moving to Green Island, off Cairns, to run a crocodile park. George feeds his one tonne pet everyday, as he has done for 30 years. Craig is a prolific collector of Melanesian tribal artefacts as well, which are on display at Marineland. Craig deserves better recognition not just for his extensive artefact collecting and promotion of local carvers but for his skills in capturing crocodiles—a very precarious way to earn a living.