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2nd Place 2022 Nature


  • Photographer
    Nina Spiekermann
  • Prize
    2nd Place in Nature

Ferocity, serenity, elegance. For me these qualities are characteristic for horses and each photo encompasses an aspect of one of these. In combination with their individual character we can see a huge range of characteristics which makes every horse unique and perfect just as it is.

Hey, my name is Nina. I'm a 22 year old pet photographer based in Germany. Photos are the most beautiful memories you can have. They manage to put you right back into the moment they sprang from. That’s why I made it my mission to capture the most beautiful moments of our companions - portraiting their elegance either by themselves or in the interaction with us as their trusted partners. It is particularly important to me to work out their individual personality and characteristics. I want the owners to see their animal in my pictures exactly as they are.