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Silver 2022 Science / Other

The Eye

  • Photographer
    Yasmin Crawford
  • Prize
    Silver in Science / Other

Threatening visual stimuli can evoke innate defensive behaviours (freeze and escape) in rodents, so the neurons were rearranged to form an eye, a metaphorical and symbolic reflection of the extraordinary story of the visual exploration of the mouse eye. It is an exploration of all that is hidden and cannot normally be seen by the naked eye. Collaborating with the Australian Neuronal Signalling Group (ANSG), John Curtin School of Medical Research, Australian National University, Canberra, ‘The Eyes I-III’ were created for a journal front cover.

Yas Crawford is an internationally awarded photographer who has exhibited in the UK and Europe. Crawford is an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society and a Fellow of the Geological Society. She was born in Pembrokeshire, Wales where the landscape and biological make-up have subliminally influenced her work. With a degree in Geology and a master’s in Photography, Crawford has worked in various life sciences business roles and is now working in what she calls ‘The Grey Space’ in-between disciplines. Crawford's research touches on mapping evolutionary change and the impact it has on mankind.