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Gold 2022 People / Family

The Mothers

  • Photographer
    Mahmud Tareq Hassan Khan
  • Prize
    Gold in People / Family

During my recent trip to South Asia, I was fortunate to shoot more than 10K photographs. Of them, many are covering people mostly working women. What amazes me is that there are more women working to support their families than before and in varieties of sectors, not only in garments. Even I noticed they are working in the constructions, sells, small business sectors beside men as their counterpart, day & night.

Born in 1973, I'm a northern Norway-based photographer/artist. By education, I have got doctoral degrees in Pharmacology and MBA in management. I started doing photography in 1987 when I was in grade 8. My recently passed away father then gifted me a Yashica analog camera. That was my beginning. Last few years I converted my passion into a sort of profession, and so far, I don’t charge any money for any shooting. I mainly work on people, streets, nature, landscape, and of course travel. My artworks involve lenses and the recording media are cameras. I like more B&W, but not limited to it.