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Bronze 2022 Nature / Landscapes


  • Photographer
    Francesco Capasso
  • Prize
    Bronze in Nature / Landscapes

Peace, quietness and silence always accompany me, in every job, The shades contain a feeling of visual rest for the beholder, soft colors and minimal contrasts. Desired overexposures are found in the frames, I often recreate a detachment between heaven and earth, to ensure that the viewer's eye focuses on a few or unique representative elements. This is what I want, this is who I am. The work was carried out on the neighboring countries of the A16 motorway in two regions between Campania and Puglia and that is why it takes the name of A16 FRANCESCO CAPASSO

Born in Naples in 2001, Francesco Capasso approaches photography in his teenage years, between 2017/2018.Today his works focus on the search for an inner depth, through his essential objective gaze.The precision and the geometries are the masters in his photographs, he places a careful study on the colors used. According to his theoretical studies, photography is for him to ask himself the reason for each situation, so that everything can make sense, the "why" is synonymous with waiting, study and research. Use the photograph as the last part.From 2020 he studies at the Academy of fine art