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Silver 2022 Fine Art / Other

Animals In A Room

  • Photographer
    Ann George
  • Prize
    Silver in Fine Art / Other

Animals In A Room The absurdity and unexpected gave rise to the need to articulate a way of living in it with grace and patience, even finding warmth and comfort with the dichotomy of change. And so, Animals In A Room; beautiful, graceful, safe. There can be comfort in the different, in the transitions, and the unexpected. So I brought the animals in, away from the storm.

Ann George grew up in a small Louisiana town with people and places that grounded her roots deep into the southern soil and her heart into its fertile personality. She uses photography as a means to celebrate her native Louisiana as well as the people, places, and stories that move her. Her critics say her photographic approach is mysterious and poetic and continues a pictorial tradition important in the history of photography. As Ann melds pixels, paper, paint and press to create compelling photographic fusions.