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Bronze 2022 Fine Art / Still Life

Child'S Play

  • Photographer
    Emmanuelle Becker
  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art / Still Life

"Child's Play" is a photographic portfolio of quirky still lifes in which I arrange time-worn trinkets and toys to have them interact in the dark narratives I create. I build my compositions like children play. I move objects around and bring them to life through the characters they interpret in the scene and what their role symbolizes. Like children, I try to reproduce the world around me. I hope that the final image will evoke memories of significant experiences that have somehow shaped our understanding of the world, indeed who we have become, individually and collectively.

Emmanuelle Becker is an artist-photographer living in Paris. She studied photography and printmaking at the George Washington University in Washington, DC. and pursued her Masters degree in painting at Pratt Institute in NYC. Her interests lie in both fine art and street photography. She has exhibited her work in Europe, Western Asia and the United States and is the recipient of multiple awards and distinctions. Her work has appeared in several international photography publications.