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Bronze 2022 Fine Art / Special Effects

John Doe

  • Photographer
    Amina Hodžic
  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art / Special Effects

One of the photos from the experimental series "Sarajevski John Doe", made for a literary-photographic project with the writer from Sarajevo Adis Ahmethodzic. The photograph and its accompanying literary material try to describe the hopelessness of the love-hate relationship between an atypical man and a city in which he does not manage to fit in until the end. And, yet, love for his city is so big that for him the city stands in the sky instead of stars. He can only watch the flickering lights and wait for another collision, and try to find some beauty in the darkness.

My name is Amina Hodzic, Im a 23 year old student from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I'm into photography since I can remember, last few years especially. It's now not only my hobby, its a passion and a way of living. I love portrait, creative, art and documentary photography.