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Gold 2022 Events / Music

Grande Finale

  • Photographer
    Adrian Schaub
  • Prize
    Gold in Events / Music

My son’s rock band had their first concert at 2 pm on a street market in a little Swiss town in front of a small audience of family and friends. Nevertheless the singer gave all her efforts which would have also pleased the crowd in a full stadium.

Thanks to the pictures of Andreas Feininger, Henri-Cartier Bresson and the group f.64, in particular Edward Weston and Ansel Adams, I discovered my passion for photography. I prefer black and white photography because it emphasizes form, whether natural-made in plants or man-made in architecture. Further I like to capture moods, such as the transience of industrial equipment or the lightness of the moment in street photography. I beleive in authenticity and there is nothing on my printed images that was not already existing on the analog or digital negative.