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Silver 2022 Editorial / sports

Sumo Ritual

  • Photographer
    Chin Leong Teo
  • Prize
    Silver in Editorial / sports

Sumo wrestling is a revered traditional sport in Japan that is steeped in tradition. Before upper divisional bouts, the wrestlers first gather in the rink to perform rites. This also adds to the anticipation and stirs up the crowd for the excitement that lies ahead.

Chin Leong is a Singapore national who started his photography pursuit in 2013, and quickly gained international recognition and accolades for his photography work. Chin Leong’s award-winning works have been widely published and covered by CNA938, National Geographic, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph, Outdoor Photographer, All-About-Photo Magazine, Geo France, Solent, and Horzu Wissen. Chin Leong currently serves pro-brono as an official photographer with Earth.Org, a nonprofit organization with environmental sustainability objectives.