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Gold 2022 Editorial / Personality

Personal Impulses

  • Photographer
    Silviu Preda
  • Prize
    Gold in Editorial / Personality

Photographic series of self-portraits, titled "PERSONAL Impulses" takes the form of replicas of the ideology debated by Viktor E. Frankl on the influence of internal impulses on the personality of the contemporary individual. An "putting under the microscope" of both the author and the viewer. A pseudo-self-portrait, made in an eclectic style, what mix specific elements of pop art, assumed kitsch and decorative arts. Consequently, the five impulses become a symbol of the confrontation of fears: gourmand nature, insomnia, greed, vicious nature and their reflection on the artistic act.

Silviu Preda is a follower of photographic experiments in the studio, where he capitalizes on the dialectic between light, shape and color. The artist uses digital photography as a technical spring, creating a meta-mix between pop art, kitsch and the sphere of decorative arts. His works are characterized by vibrant colors, dominated by an allegorical representation of social and personal symbols.