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Silver 2022 Editorial / General News

Community Payback

  • Photographer
    Sofia Conti
  • Prize
    Silver in Editorial / General News

Immigration from Democratic Republic of the Congo to a Glasgow housing estate as a youth exposed Rudy to gang culture. It did not take long for Rudy to realise this was not a road he wanted to go down. As a qualified dance instructor Rudy now works in schools and local community groups where he teaches youths street dancing to help alter the cycle of gang violence.

Sofia Conti is a Glasgow based award winning Social-Documentary photographer, who began her photographic journey as a mature student in 2017. Sofia recently finalised her studies at Falmouth University where she achieved an MA Photography degree with Distinction. Collaboration for Sofia is an extremely important part of the work produced especially when exploring social inequalities within various communities. Sofia’s intention is to ethically represent communities that have a distorted view imposed upon them. Empowering each participant to tell their story that will insight change.