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Gold 2022 Book / Fine Art

That Sky Book

  • Photographer
    Michele Molinari
  • Prize
    Gold in Book / Fine Art

This book is about an obsession. Well, two, actually. Ok, three. Buenos Aires, the light and photography. Michele Molinari lived for a few years in Recoleta, a centric neighborhood. And from there, from a permanent window and a fixed camera, he could assess the two qualities of the Buenos Aires sky: first, its fidelity and permanence — there are cities that make their skies disappear by vertigo and inclemency — and then, its absolute variety, resistant to all attempts of uniformity and custom. The great porteño sky is always there and is always different.

Longtime photographer, uncomplicated writer, self taught artist. Traveler, not a tourist. We only see what we already know; open your heart, eyes and soul will follow.