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2nd Place 2022 Science

Abstracting Eternity

  • Photographer
    Zixiong Jin
  • Agency / Studio
    Chris King Studio
  • Prize
    2nd Place in Science

The astrophotographs in Abstracting Eternity aim to capture nebulae, the massive clouds of gas and dust in which stars are born. Because nebulae represent the universe in the process of creation, still relatively formless, they lend themselves to a degree of abstraction that appeals to me as an artist. This takes my images a step away from pure science. I never want viewers to forget, though, that the photographs capture the universe as it was billions of light years ago—an eternity that inspires awe, humbles us with our own insignificance, and puts our human troubles in perspective

New York-based Chris King left five years of business study to pursue a career in photography and filmmaking. He takes a comprehensive approach to his practice that he finds more fulfilling artistically, working in a range of genres that includes landscape, portraiture, and still life, and is experienced in such technical fields as aerial and architectural photography. His photographs have garnered him numerous international awards, with particular recognition given to his astrophotography.