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Bronze 2022 Portfolio / Fine Art

Waves Portfolio

  • Photographer
    Sachov Alexej
  • Prize
    Bronze in Portfolio / Fine Art

The pictures do not fit ordinary underwater photography since they investigate the surface and not the deep of the sea. Presented is a view suitable for underwater creatures that are curious about the world beyond their natural environment - as humans are curious about the world below the water surface. Here the viewer can dive into the photographs of the mesmerising waves like the creatures of the sea do in their daily life.

Alexej was born in Kharkiv, Ukraine. He obtained a diploma in rocket engineering and got photography education in the Kyiv School of Photography. In his artworks Alexej is trying to bring underwater photography to the new level - he investigates the water surface from the deep, uses allegories to show the underwater world like and the world above water or even like a cosmos. Alexej's education and philosophy of life define his style of photography: the photographs depict the beauty of the underwater world and the horrors of man-made ocean pollution.