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Bronze 2022 People / Culture

Shred The Patriarchy

  • Photographer
    Chantal Pinzi
  • Prize
    Bronze in People / Culture

Shred the Patriarchy is focusing on the stories of Moroccan women who practice skateboarding despite the social and familial repercussions they can face for this choice.? ? Women in Morocco continue to face significant obstacles. Their participation in the social, economic, and political spheres, as well as in sports is still minimized or denied. With this project, I wanted to uncover the voices of those women who decided to break untold rules, transforming skateboarding into a form of resistance to patriarchy.?

I'm an Italian photographer, at the moment based in Berlin. I was born in Como, Italy in 1996. During my career at the University of Applied Sciences Europe, I devote myself to photojournalism and documentary photography By using an artistic and experimental representation, my photographic works denounce, incriminate and give a voice to those who are never heard enough. In the last years I have been in close contact with the brutal stories of migrants working on the project “The running man”. By experimenting with burned Polaroids, I visually expressed the decadence of human beings through th