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Gold 2022 People / Life Style

Circus Life

  • Photographer
    Martin Ordeñana
  • Agency / Studio
    Martin Ordeñana Photography
  • Prize
    Gold in People / Life Style

The purpose of this reportage is to increase awareness of life within the circus which requires passion and sacrifice at all times. For this photo history I wish to thank Armando Orfei Circus for allowing me to enter and explore their lives. Armando Orfei Circus is a renowned Italian circus.

I was born and raised in Buenos Aires and since my childhood I breathed the atmosphere of this metropolis full of stimulus and different cultures. I alternate my work as a photographer to the research of visual arts. These activities are complementary to my fondness for images. As I move from one scene to another, I let my imagination wonder around and discover a story behind every face and every movement of a body, of a scenery or the city where I am living or visiting. With the help of my camera I try to tell how I see the world, free of any prejudice and conditioning.