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Silver 2022 Nature / Flowers


  • Photographer
    David Campione
  • Agency / Studio
    David Campione Photography
  • Prize
    Silver in Nature / Flowers

Lotus Blossoms growing in their natural environment in a marsh. Bird of prey going on to capture a meal. White Water Lilies along with the Gigantic Victorian lily pads.

Adapted from film to digital about ten years ago. Still use my 4x5 view camera at times, love black and white photography. In 1975 I was one of 18 photographers to attend an Ansel Adams photographic work shop, Yosemite National Park, California. A wonderful experience. Turned to stock photography and was with four stock photo agencies, two in the United States and two in Europe. Down to two agencies due to the cost of converting film to digitals. Digital photography knocked out two of the agencies I was with.