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Silver 2022 Fine Art / Other

Edge of The Wave

  • Photographer
    Sachov Alexej
  • Prize
    Silver in Fine Art / Other

You would think that this image is a combination of the two photos: wave and sky. But that is exactly not the case. This upside-down underwater close-up picture was taken on a scuba dive during a storm in Egypt.

Alexej was born in Kharkiv, Ukraine. He obtained a diploma in rocket engineering and got photography education in the Kyiv School of Photography. In his artworks Alexej is trying to bring underwater photography to the new level - he investigates the water surface from the deep, uses allegories to show the underwater world like and the world above water or even like a cosmos. Alexej's education and philosophy of life define his style of photography: the photographs depict the beauty of the underwater world and the horrors of man-made ocean pollution.