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Silver 2022 Fine Art / Abstract

What'S There?

  • Photographer
    Kari B Lohne Knudsen
  • Agency / Studio
  • Prize
    Silver in Fine Art / Abstract

A lot of sand...walking along different beaches... looking down... after rainfall... my fantasy starts to work. My mind is completely focused on the beach and its beauty. This project is ongoing. It started many years ago and my plan is to use another 3-5 years to complete a lage series of images capturing different patterns in different modes.

I am an artist who explores landscapes through abstract photographs, documents various industrial environments and photograph babies and toddlers under water - living in Larkollen Norway. I have completed courses at Bilder Nordic School of Photography, Workshops with Cheryl Newman-Sian Davey and Workshops with Morten Krogvold.