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Bronze 2022 Fine Art / Portrait

The Autumnal Chair - Portrait of Florist, Ash Claydon.

  • Photographer
    David Pickens
  • Agency / Studio
    David Pickens Photography
  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art / Portrait

The Autumnal Chair- Portrait of a florist, emphasising the Seasonal change both outside and within. The feeling of Summers end turning into Autumn as the greens turn to reds then brown. Working in collaboration with Florist, Ash Claydon.

I love people’s stories, whether told or written upon their face. I am attracted to interesting, characterful people and fascinated by the opposing ends of photography, the fantastical, quirky, surreal and also the stripped back, no-nonsense, gritty reality. My photography is an ongoing journey of discovery that still inspires me to continue photographing people and their stories.