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Bronze 2022 Editorial / Personality

Acid Violence Against Women In Uganda

  • Photographer
    John T. Pedersen
  • Agency / Studio
  • Prize
    Bronze in Editorial / Personality

May 21, 2009 was Gloria Kankunda (38) subjected to an acid attack from an unknown «hitman» outside her home in Kampala. After the first emergency treatment in her home country, she was flown to Cape Town, South Africa for further treatment. She stayed there for almost two years, before returning back to Kampala. 90 percent of the victims are women, and the attacks usually happen because a woman has either rejected a man, or wants out of the relationship. In cases where men are affected, it is almost always business-related. Less than fifty percent of the attackers are identified.

John T. Pedersen (1966) is an independent photojournalist based in Norway, with a particular focus on humanitarian issues. I have worked for a number of newspapers, trade press, magazines and agencies. Affiliated with the national newspaper Dagbladet in Oslo.