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Gold 2022 Editorial / Environmental

Inhabitants In Katanga

  • Photographer
    John T. Pedersen
  • Agency / Studio
  • Prize
    Gold in Editorial / Environmental

Katanga is one of the biggest slums in Kampala-Uganda, located 2 km from the city center. This is the homes of more than 20,000 people who living together in wooden, clay and brick houses. Often in extreme poverty. Drainage channels weave between the buildings with open and stagnant sewers. When there is heavy rainfall, the sewer is flushed out through the channels. This is also the playground of the children who lives here. Laughter and smiles are heard and seen everywhere, where they play in open fields withe garbage and open sewage in this swampland area.

John T. Pedersen (1966) is an independent photojournalist based in Norway, with a particular focus on humanitarian issues. I have worked for a number of newspapers, trade press, magazines and agencies. Affiliated with the national newspaper Dagbladet in Oslo.