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Gold 2022 Book / Documentary

Of Human Bondage

  • Photographer
    Sandip Saha
  • Agency / Studio
    Pacific Press Agency
  • Prize
    Gold in Book / Documentary

For me taking pictures of children of Jute Mill Workers in the suburbs of Kolkata, in India, was a shocking lesson in how the other half lives. Before partition of India Jute—but for Tea—was the main revenue-generating industry for British colonizers, and they established hundreds of Jute Mills along both banks of the Ganges in this part of West Bengal. Labour—mostly indentured Muslims from the neighboring state of Bihar—were brought in to supplement the huge capital invested in Jute. But these labour stayed in the bottom half of the socio-economic scale when Jute was earning cash, and more so

Presently working as a photojournalist in Bengali news paper Puber Kalom. Senior photojournalist Puber Kalon. 2022 present.