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1st Place 2021 Fine Art

As Time Stood Still

  • Photographer
    Margarita Mavromichalis
  • Prize
    1st Place in Fine Art

Diary of a photographer during the London lockdowns in 2020. Not being able to walk the streets to produce my usual work, I decided to turn the camera on to myself and explore my feelings, my insecurities, my hopes and my fears. The camera gave me a purpose during this very uncertain time and the creation of this project became a very psychotherapeutic process.

Margarita Mavromichalis has spent her life living and traveling around the world. She speaks five languages and likes to think that photography is her second language, as it is universal, one that is understood by all and conveys messages in a most powerful way. Margarita is attracted to street photography and the elements that evoke emotions and surprise in our everyday life. Furthermore, she is passionate about documenting current events that she feels strongly about, highlighting their social impact. Award-winning photographer, her work has been displayed in exhibitions worldwide.