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Gold 2021 Science / Environment

Do Not Forget The Lube

  • Photographer
    Rico X.
  • Prize
    Gold in Science / Environment

A series created and shot due to the pandemic, with Rico X. being unable to travel and get up to his usual foolish antics traveling the world shooting while also getting fatter on local cuisine, he looked around at what he could shoot in the middle eastern country he had lived in for early 9 years....UAE. So Rico X. scrambled around and came up with a few series ideas and this was one of them that he got lost in. Shooting all the car junkyards and car spare parts businesses of Abu Dhabi, Dubai & Sharjah and the people who work there as they recycle our ex-loved ones helping the environment.

I am not great with words. I am a visual person and a straight shooter aka talker and not a fan of descriptions or bio's things that alienate many artists like me who aren't wordsmiths. So we will keep it short and sweet. I take photos, some will like them, some will not. The End!