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Bronze 2021 Portfolio / Personal

Personal Portfolio

  • Photographer
    Ildiko Tillmann
  • Prize
    Bronze in Portfolio / Personal

I am an emerging author and documentary photographer, born and raised in Hungary. I have been living in the US for the past twenty years. I embarked on a path of photography and storytelling after completion of a Masters Thesis about Haiti, in 2017. My recent work has merged art and documentary with a focus on stories that describe us, as human beings, situated by life in various geographic locations and thus locked inside specific histories that connect within the human flow. This submission leads the viewer from Haiti through Miami and New York to Hungary.

I am an author and self-taught documentary photographer working at the crossroads of art and documentary. My written and photographic work engages with stories that connect cultures, ethnicities and geographical areas; I focus on stories that connect, rather than separate us. Over the past three years I have been working on a freelance project in Haiti, with the goal of telling visual and written stories that take the viewer beyond news media headlines and offer an alternative to the visual imagery proliferated by the nonprofit industry.