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Silver 2021 Portfolio / Personal

Edge of Sentience

  • Prize
    Silver in Portfolio / Personal
  • Photographer
    Yas Crawford

‘Sentience’ as a more intelligent and aware form of consciousness,‘The Edge’ for more obvious reasons. The images are part of a series of images that I have worked on with my daughter over the last six months who suffers from social anxiety. We use MRI scans as a way to aid her mental health recovery, made worse during lockdown. After exploring the MRI scans and talking about her feelings, she comes up with a series of words that become the titles of each image. As the images are created, she describes how they make her feel. She advises on colour tone, emotion, and the use of dried flowers.

I am an internationally awarded photographer who has exhibited in the UK and Europe. I was born in Pembrokeshire, Wales and the geological landscape and biological make-up of the area have subliminally influenced my work. I now working in what I call the 'Grey Space'in-between art and the sciences. Using digital, analogue photography, video and cameraless techniques the work has naturally developed in a fine art form.