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Silver 2021 Portfolio / Fine Art

Geometric Hong Kong

  • Photographer
    Jason Au
  • Prize
    Silver in Portfolio / Fine Art

'Geometric Hong Kong' is a black and white street photography series that comes with a fine art aesthetic and the compositional approach of isolating urban subjects, geometric elements and forms from the chaotic urban environment of Hong Kong. This series portrays the way of life of different urban characters in the context of their surrounding geometric environment, which were all culled from mundane everyday scenes, with fleeting moments seized from near and distant. Nevertheless, those subjects look trapped and lost inside a geometric artificial labyrinth without realising it.

Born in 1994, Jason Au is an award-winning fine art photographer based in Hong Kong. He specialises in black and white photography and has a specific interest in street photography and portraiture. His high aesthetic works often incorporate creative, geometric and balanced compositions, with prominent use of contrasting light and shadows, along with dynamic interplay between texture and forms.