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Bronze 2021 Portfolio / Fine Art

Forgotten Artcheology

  • Prize
    Bronze in Portfolio / Fine Art
  • Photographer
    Christian Basetti

" Artcheology " is a term that I conceived to merge in a single word a creative photographic style linked to the world of abandoned places in decay: art and archeology. Archeology intended as the discovery of forgotten places of the past The approach with which I photograph this kind of places is artistic. I don't limit myself to shot the desolate scenes with an exclusively documentary spirit, but I always introduce a careful "fine art" vision, inspired by italian painter Caravaggio, where lights and shadows blend with the environments of ancient times, as in a painting.

Christian Basetti lives in Milan. Passionate about architectural photography, he feels the challenge of making the shots talk about the great works built, as if they were silent narcissistic creatures waiting for someone to express their greatness. Since 2015, he has been passionate about ancient decadent places, giving voice to these structures full of melancholy charm. With a style aimed at aesthetics it is never limited to the documentary aspect, but wants to show the pride of places destined to be erased from time, inspired by Caravaggio's style in the representation of environments.