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2nd Place 2021 Science

Universe During Pandemic

  • Photographer
    Zixiong Jin
  • Agency / Studio
    Chris King Photography
  • Prize
    2nd Place in Science

I have spent a year capturing all these mysterious and beautiful images of the universe, including galaxies and nebulas. Every image was shot for at least 25 hours, which means multiple nights per final image. Most of the images were taken at a dark site located in West Texas. Every night I watched the stars while my equipment is working, it makes me think of how tiny we are as human beings, and how little color and luminosity we can perceive with our eyes. This is one of my most amazing experiences as a photographer to explore the different aspects of the world with photography!

New York-based Chris King left five years of business study to pursue a career in photography and filmmaking. He takes a comprehensive approach to his practice that he finds more fulfilling artistically, working in a range of genres that includes landscape, portraiture, and still life, and is experienced in such technical fields as aerial and architectural photography. His photographs have garnered him numerous international awards, with particular recognition given to his astrophotography.