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Silver 2021 People / Culture

War Is Over

  • Photographer
    Matteo Portigliatti
  • Prize
    Silver in People / Culture

What is left once the battle is done, when war is over. Hung on houses walls are photos of friends that won't be seen again. In the rooms are shadows and darkness that you don't want to get used to. In the soldiers faces are empty eyes you can't imagine how to fill. Journey to the city of Sisian, on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan, several weeks after the end of the conflict in Nagorno Karabak

Matteo Porigliatti was born in Turin in 1979. He is an Italian freelance visual journalist focused on documentary and photojournalism, based in west Italy. After his bachelor degree in Optometry, he attends a master in Photography and Visual Design at IED, in Turin, in 2015. Now Matteo study photojournalism at MeMo Mastercalss. He has been working, as a freelance, for international News Agencies. His pictures have been published in papers, magazines and blogs.