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Gold 2021 People / Culture


  • Photographer
    Streetmax 21
  • Prize
    Gold in People / Culture

The built environment, static and inanimate, is the stage upon which a walking choreography is played out. The humans, who bring the animate, are spatially arranged as though carefully directed. Have they been conditioned already to act like automatons or self-absorbed passersby uncannily acting out parts in mental isolation? I don't actually direct images but adhere to the rules of candid street photography. I'll often 'build' a shot by waiting for a satisfactory outcome in real time. This, according to other commentators, is perhaps why the images ring true as documentary.

I make images, in real time, of uneventful scenes devoid of the overused motifs and impromptu techniques practiced in conventional street photography. Conceptually,these are simple recordings of people walking with undisclosed purpose, separated in plastic space in seemingly choreographed but otherwise uninteresting tableaux. Unspeaking characters are connected by no means other than where they were when the shot was taken. Images made with this technique may appear fictitious and constructed, but they're not. I wait, often for long periods, for the right organic distribution of people.