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Gold 2021 People / Children

My Niece

  • Photographer
    Olga Diasparro
  • Prize
    Gold in People / Children

My niece is eight years old, she’s an aquatic creature. She loves water like all children but she started to dive into deep water even before she walked. Here is in a moment of meditation

Olga Diasparro Lawyer engaged in the protection of victims of gender violence, cultivates the passion for art from a very young age arriving at photography at the end of a personal research path. She has participated in collective photographic exhibitions in Italy and abroad and has started collaborations with artists in different fields (music, cinema, dance). In 2012 discovers the fascination and the propensity for "social" photography that will become an important part of his work. She collaborates with Giraffa Onlus creating photographic projects on gender issues.