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Gold 2021 People / Self-Portrait

The Other Woman

  • Photographer
    Anna Haze
  • Prize
    Gold in People / Self-Portrait

When it comes to love triangles, we usually speak about the sufferance of the ones who are cheated on, or the internal dilemma of the one who cheats. In this series, I wanted to represent how being the "other", the "lover", feels like instead; how the most important person in your life is just a shadow that must be kept secret while uncertainty and guilt disintegrate your own sense of identity.

Alternating between many different media since the earliest stages of her artistic journey - such as photography, songwriting, film making, digital collage, painting and poetry - Anna Haze (given name: Arianna Severi) has developed a cohesive style that brings the initial inspiration of surrealism and magic realism into contemporary yet nostalgic scenarios.  Her works’ aesthetic ranges from softness to weirdness, where a desolate, disturbing imagery, “feminine” sweetness, esoterism and pop culture's cliches blend into each other through the use of mixed techniques.