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Bronze 2021 Nature / Landscapes

The Hidden One

  • Photographer
    Bence Székely
  • Prize
    Bronze in Nature / Landscapes

Sometimes missing the point creates exactly the point. This morning I was very nervous that we are having bad weather conditions until I realized that is exactly what I need to make this image more appealing.

On a hunt for breathtaking moments. I'm a nature art and landscape photographer from Hungary. Although I only began my photography journey just a few years ago and started to make photos just for fun, after a while I have realized that I take it more and more seriously. It became a passion, a love and an artistic way to express myself. As stated earlier, I'm mostly attracted to nature and landscapes, and I truly believe that with the help of art I can reach more and more people to show them the wonderful place we are living in. Nature should have a significant role in everyone's life.