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Gold 2021 Nature / Flowers

The Way of Flowers

  • Photographer
    Monica Takvam
  • Prize
    Gold in Nature / Flowers

'The Way of Flowers’ looks at our connection between nature, the language of images and perception, in relation to the discipline and tradition of Ikebana; Japanese Flower Arranging. Governed by strict rules on how long each flower, stem or branch used in an arrangement should be, at which angle it should be presented and the symbolic meaning of what type of flower you include, Ikebana is a way of ‘making nature more beautiful’. I am intrigued by the nature of this tradition and how this relates to image composition and how we perceive harmony in images.

Monica Takvam is an internationally published and award winning photographer and multidiciplinary artist. Her work is often concerned with how we see, she uses photography, video, sound, text, illustration, tactile materials and installations to explore subjects around perception, blindness, identity, nostalgia, time and language. Through research, collaboration and fieldwork, Monica often develops work based on outcomes and findings from these interactions and collaborations.