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Gold 2021 Nature / Aerial

Who Left The Bloody Lights On

  • Photographer
    Rico X.
  • Prize
    Gold in Nature / Aerial

Shooting the world's lit cities, towns and villages at night from the cockpit of my Boeing B777 and B787. Guess the next best thing if Rico was not smart enough to be an astronaut but mama and papa still proud, so win win. Oh and guess Rico should also mention something about climate change/energy consumption blah blah, but sure you got that as well. Enjoy. The End!

I am not great with words. I am a visual person and a straight shooter aka talker and not a fan of descriptions or bio's things that alienate many artists like me who aren't wordsmiths. So we will keep it short and sweet. I take photos, some will like them, some will not. The End!