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Bronze 2021 Fine Art / Landscape

S For Simplicity

  • Photographer
    Costas Kariolis
  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art / Landscape

With increasing levels of complexity in our lives, I’ve come to the realisation that it is important to strip back and just be. With this clarity of thought, I made the short journey to the coast with the aim of deconstructing the multiple layers in this scene. With black and white in mind, I achieved this by applying a long exposure to smooth out the waves which accentuated the simplicity of the sea defences. I balanced the wind farms in the background bringing into focus how sustainability can co-exist with and support nature and vice versa.

Award-Winning Outdoor & Travel Photographer. Seascapes, landscapes and urban environments is where I find my photographic inspiration. I am drawn to water and fascinated with interpreting movement, light and rugged and varied environments. My photographic work is described as authentic and minimalist. I am passionate about sustainability and the natural health benefits of the great outdoors.