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Gold 2021 Fine Art / Collage


  • Photographer
    Sara Victoria Sandberg
  • Prize
    Gold in Fine Art / Collage

Life is a journey. We follow the path of questions unanswered and build memories of our lives as we go along. We follow the beacon that guides us through our search for purpose. We live life as if there is always a tomorrow. But little do we know about where we are destined to go. We will just keep following the light that guides us on our path and one day, time may tell...

Sara Victoria Sandberg is a photo composite artist based in Stockholm. Sara has always had a great love for the arts and has pursued the medium of watercolors for many years. Sara developed her skills in digital photo artistry through attending various courses and has developed a personal style in her work where she combines photography and digital painting with her artistic vision. She works with light and shadow to mold the scene she visualizes into a finished piece adopting a combination of photo-realism and painterly style.