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Bronze 2021 Fine Art / Abstract

Flowers of Hope

  • Photographer
    Wonchae Jo
  • Prize
    Bronze in Fine Art / Abstract

Through the waves of the sea, this series looked at the lonely feeling that everyone in the world experiences for the first time due to COVID-19. The white waves crashing on the beach are reminiscent of a mask that repeatedly covers a human face, adding to the frustration. However, the tip of the wave like a white mask is drawn in the shape of a flower painting, symbolizing hope. Beautiful flower paintings drawn with the brush of waves on the canvas of nature are the human desire to be happy. Waves are used to express the inner thoughts of humans hidden in the mask.

2021 M.A. in Photography, Hong-ik University, South Korea 2018-2020 B.F.A. in Photography, College of Arts at Kyung-Sung University, South Korea