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Gold 2021 Editorial / General News

Hope... Leprosy

  • Photographer
    Emese Balázs-Fülöp
  • Prize
    Gold in Editorial / General News

In 2020 marc i am was in a volunterring trip in KOngo, Kimpese. Here is it a leprosy colony... Leprosy can be cured if discovered in time,but unfortunately many do not notice in thei time. Gabriel already 75 years old, he lives here 20 years .Still hoping , many were healed and gone. But unfortunately society excludes them, they think evil spirit have invaded them. who is denied. There is hope for recovery, but there is no hope of being welcomed back into their family.

I am 32 years old , Hungaryan woman i was Born and raised in Roumania. I am a passion traveller, during my travels I look for people's real face, life, past, future ... I connect all my travels with volunteering ... so my main goal is to helping