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Silver 2021 Book / Nature

Invearth: Nature Itself Becomes Art

  • Photographer
    Simone Arrigoni
  • Prize
    Silver in Book / Nature

Based on the three key-words forming its name (Invert + Earth + Art), this project innovatively interprets selected elements of our planet, playing with the black & white dichotomy and the negative inversion. In each of its series, symbolic natural subjects are turned into artistic images, shaped to find a point of convergence between science and creativity, so that the intrinsic beauty of Nature becomes Art.

Simone Arrigoni (Rome, 1973) is a classical pianist, Freediving world champion (21 World Records) and an awards-winning photographer (FIOF Italian Photography Ambassador in China 2017 & Underwater Photography Festival Ambassador) with more than 100 Awards in the most prestigious International Photo Contests, publications and worldwide exhibitions (China, Crimea, France, Greece, Italy, Japan, Singapore, UK, USA).